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What tickles your palate? The aroma of juicy fried chicken wafting from the kitchen? The crispy surface of chicken lollipops dipped in a fiery red sauce? Burgers and wraps cooked to perfection and served piping hot? You're on the right page.



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Fries that never go out


Exotic juliennes cut of carrot, cabbage and capsicum dressed in veg mayonnaise and Sugar.

Tub Chicken

8 pic of Spicy, crispy, juicy chicken piece, breaded and deep Fried

Hotouch Burger

A fiery feast set in a burger and guaranteed to keep you coming for more

Chicken Lollipop

Finally a lollipop that isn't bad for teeth

Tower Burger

For those I'm so hungry I could swallow a horse days

Smoothers & Shakers

Bana Berry, Chocoberry, Chipmunk, Marry Choco brown, Mo Mo Berry.

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